Our Story

The seeds of Legacy United Methodist Church were first planted on the shores of the Missouri River in the late 1800s in Mandan, ND. Faithful men and women planted a new church across the river in Bismarck which became known as the Bismarck Evangelical Church.


In 1907, the congregation made a decision to open a new hospital bearing the name Bismarck Evangelical Hospital, and over the years this institution merged with others and now resides on the site of our original church, and is known as Sanford Hospital.

Mergers and changes were not strangers to the church either as we became the Evangelical United Brethren Church, then merged with the Methodists to become First United Methodist Church. In January 2010, we became Legacy United Methodist Church.

The outside of Legacy United Methodist Church's North Bismarck location.

Our church has been served by many faithful pastors and lay persons throughout the years. That legacy continues. We have consistently maintained a high priority for missions. Currently, Legacy has ongoing mission and ministry relationships in various parts of the United States, and in Bolivia, Thailand, Ghana, Honduras, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic.


It is our sincere hope that our legacy will become yours, and together, we will build and leave a Legacy that God desires and this world needs.