Are you an 8th-12th grade student ready to grow deeper in your faith? Decide to take your next step in Spiritual growth through Confirmation this year! Confirmation is the time when a personal decision is made to confirm the vows of your baptism. At Legacy, this happens as a group of students join together to explore who Christ is, what it means to know Him through a personal relationship, and how we follow Him as United Methodists.

Those wishing to be confirmed must:

The Confirmation Ceremony is a public affirmation for a student to confirm their faith as their own. Confirmation is a step in a life-long journey of pursuing the heights, depths, and widths of God’s love and making a vow to live in relationship with Him for the rest of your life! Being confirmed at Legacy UMC makes you a member of this church; taking the membership vows to practice Radical Hospitality, Extravagant Generosity, Passionate Worship, Authentic Faith Sharing, Intentional Faith Development and Risk-Taking Mission and Service. Confirmation is a great way to reaffirm your baptism and make your faith your own!


If you have additional questions, contact Vicky.

Confirmation Classes 2024

Classes will be held weekly in February and March. The families signed up will discuss together the best time to meet, likely options are Wednesday nights 7:30-8:30pm. Or Sunday mornings, before or after worship.

The retreat is tentatively scheduled for March 15th-16th; though this too will be discussed with families.

The Confirmation Sunday Ceremony will be during worship on April 7th.

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