Legacy Church

Confirmation 2018


Are you an 8th-12th grade student ready to grow deeper in your faith? Decide to take the step of Confirmation this year!

Confirmation is the time when a personal decision is made to confirm the vows of our baptism. At Legacy, this happens as a group of students join together to explore who Christ is, what it means to know Him through a life-long relationship, and how we follow Him as United Methodists.

Those wishing to be confirmed must:

  • be active in Student Ministries (Sundays, Wednesday nights, special events, service projects, etc)
  • attend the spring Confirmation classes and weekend retreat
  • participate in Confirmation Sunday after Easter

The Confirmation Ceremony is a public affirmation for a student to confirm their faith as their own.  Confirmation is a step in a life-long journey of pursuing the heights, depths, and widths of God’s love and making a vow to live in relationship with Him for the rest of your life! Being confirmed at Legacy UMC makes you a member of this church; taking the membership vows to practice Radical Hospitality, Extravagant Generosity, Passionate Worship, Authentic Faith Sharing, Intentional Faith Development and Risk-Taking Mission and Service.

Confirmation is a great way to reaffirm your baptism and make your faith your own!

If you have additional questions, contact Vicky.

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