The Administrative Team is twelve men and women elected by Legacy members to serve a three year term doing the business of the church between annual church conferences. The Ad Team, along with the Lead Pastor, is in charge of the direction of Legacy Church. The Ad Team meets quarterly in meetings which are open to the public.

The Ad Team is made up of three smaller committees:

Staff/Pastor Relations
The Staff/Pastor Relations Committee (SPRC) is in charge of keeping the church staffed. The SPRC also updates the employee handbook, is in charge of employee evaluations, and is involved in a lot of other Human Resource duties.

The Trustees are responsible for the property of the church which includes the church, the parsonages, and the church’s land.

The Finance Committee is in charge of managing the budget, performing the annual audit of the church books, and directing the stewardship drive.

021 Ad Team Members
Name Board Day Job Area Serving Time as Member
Natalie Dixon-Tarr SPR Nurse Touchmark Mission and Service Since 2020
Brian Marquardt
Trustees Facilities Director at YMCA Hospitality           Safety Team Since 2001
Jeremy Skoglund Finance VP – Trust Officer at First Western Bank & Trust. Legacy Kids Since 2014
Gary Hansen
Finance Financial Advisor, Edward Jones Legacy Kids Since 2016
2022 Ad Team Members
Name   Board Day Job Area Serving Time as Member
Calli Scheller
SPR Accounting Analyst at Basin Electric Power Cooperative Legacy Kids Since 2019
Patty VerDouw
Trustees North Dakota School Board Association Prayer Team Since 2017
Raylan Juma
Trustees Northwest Contracting Site Superintendent Student Ministry Since 2018
Colton Schulz Finance Supervising Insurance Company                                          Examiner for ND Insurance Dept.  Hospitality Since 2018
2023 Ad Team Members
Name   Board Day Job Area Serving Time as Member
Heather Van Ningen
SPR Sanford Pediatric Pharmacist Youth Ministry Since 2015
Corrie Lund
 SPR Compliance Investigator for the ND Board of Nursing Hospitality      Since 2017
Jeff Campbell
Finance Eide Bailly LLP – Consulting  Hospitality            Since 2016
Matt Vollmers
Trustee Warehouse – Wesco Distribution Hospitality Since 2017

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