Legacy has partnered with a variety of organizations throughout the years, and worked with people from nearby small towns to all the way across the world. We are grateful for every opportunity we have had to make an impact!

Austin Link

January 2018 Update

AsOne Ministries

AsOne Ministries seeks to see dreams realized and communities transformed in Africa here is their 2017 ANNUAL REPORT FINAL. See how Legacy worked with them this year! Learn more about all their ministries. 

The Erbeles

The Rev. Evelyn Erbele is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries currently assigned as copastor of First UMC of Ketchikan, Alaska. She is also deeply involved in local care of the homeless through the congregation’s Downtown Ministries  “Homelessness has many faces,” she explains. “When I first began working with FCHS in 2008, I would look at an individual and say to myself, ‘If this were my father, mother, brother, or sister what would I do for them?’ And then one day I heard Christ say, ‘Evelyn, these are your father, mother brother, and sister.'”  For more information her profile page.

Terence (Teri) Erbele is also a missionary with the Board of Global Ministries and currently serving as a pastor with Ketchikan FUMC. Teri rejoices that as a missionary and a preacher of the Good News he can participate in this continued ministry of Jesus who promised to be with us always and everywhere.  For more information visit Teri’s Profile page.

The Graners

Ardell  and Gordon Graner are North Dakota natives working with Christian Education and Church Development in the Dominican Republic.

Ministry on the Margins

Ministry on the Margins is a volunteer-based ministry committed to supporting those who fall through the cracks during times of transition. Every week they offer hospitality and coffee, several meals, a food pantry, prison-to-society support, an ecumenical Christian worship service, and many other ministries.  For more information on how to connect, contact Jane Hincks at (701) 202-5456.

Ruth Meiers Hospitality House

Ruth Meiers Hospitality House in Bismarck has been a partner with Legacy for many years. They offer a variety of services to the community, including emergency clothing, food, and shelter, hot meals, legal and medical assistance, transitional housing, resources for veterans, and more. There are 200 men, women, and children that are cared for on a daily basis through this organization. For more information, please visit their website at or their Facebook page.

Sole Hope

A project dedicated to placing shoes on the feet of African children to keep them free from jiggers (small sand fleas that burrow into feet). “We believe actions based on love and hope can change a nation.” They also commit to provide sustainability for families by teaching them shoe-making skills. For more information, visit their website.

Carrie’s Kids

Located in South Bismarck, Carrie’s Kids believes that all children and teens are created with a purpose. They provide outreach, clubs, and programming that promote dignity, build social and life skills, nurture potential and instill self-sufficiency through this organization. For more info, visit their website.

Mephibosheth Training Center

This training center in Ghana, West Africa is a home to over 50 students with special needs, ranging in age from 3 to 22 years old. Children with special needs in this region are considered ‘curse’ and not provided sufficient care or education. This school provides both, and teaches them a trade when studies are completed so they do not have to beg to survive. For more information on this center, visit their webpage or facebook site.

Letter from Emmanuel Amenorte, Ghanaian Scholarship student.

Ghana Mission Update

Samuel Update:

Local doctor volunteering in Ghana

Solar Oven Partners

SOP is an United Methodist Volunteers in Mission project which has a branch close to us in Moffit, ND. The project places solar ovens and instructions for their use into the lives of the poor in deforested lands around the world. The base in Moffit builds components for the ovens, which are collected and shipped out to where they are needed. Contact JaNell Gnirk (701.387.4819) for info. For more information about SOP visit here.

Project Ignite Light

A North Dakota based organization that provides “Bags of Hope” to children and teens who are examined for sexual or physical abuse or neglect at hospitals or advocacy centers.  The bags contain pajamas, a fleece blanket, toiletries, a flashlight, snacks, and other items that give these children a sense of control and security.  For more information, visit their website or Facebook page.