Day 4

Day 4

Day 4 – Read Mark 1: 40 – 45

God asks a lot from his people. When I read that Jesus told the leper to “Say nothing to anyone” after he was healed, my first thought was — well, that’s never going to happen. I cannot keep a secret.  I tell all of my friends – don’t tell me secrets, please! I try, but often I fail. Personally, I would have blasted my healing out on Facebook, texted all of my friends and relatives, and possibly put an ad in the Tribune. Who can keep news like that to themselves? Just take a moment to think.  Leprosy isn’t all that prevalent in this age, but if Jesus had touched me and removed all wrinkles and age spots — I wouldn’t have been able to keep that quiet, either.

Following the leper’s big reveal, Jesus has to live the life of a celebrity – hiding from people, no longer able to move about freely.  That was an unfortunate byproduct of a public, splashy, no nonsense miracle. I wonder if, even though the celebrity was unwelcome, the knowledge of His divinity was a secret that had to come out.  It was time for people to begin to think of Him as the Son of God.  By performing this miracle, Jesus is aligning himself with His Father’s house.  He was letting people begin to think that He was the Son of God they had been waiting for.

God does ask a lot of his people. Keeping secrets will never be one of my virtues.

Diane Dyk

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