Day 38

Day 38

Read: Mark 15:21-47

“Then at three o’clock Jesus called out with a loud voice, ‘My God, my God, why have you abandoned me?’” (Mark 15:34 NLT)

In the 70’s, Gilbert O’Sullivan sang a sad song titled “Alone Again (Naturally).” Some words of this song are:

“Talk about, God in His mercy

Oh, if he really does exist

Why did he desert me?”

When our prayers seem to go on unanswered, aren’t we tempted to say these words?

When the cancer doesn’t seem to be improving.

When the Alzheimer’s continues to take its toll and takes our loved one farther and farther away from us.

When our relationship or marriage seems to continue to be falling apart.

When (insert whatever your situation is in your life).  

Don’t we want to say, “God, where are you in my time of need?”

Let’s turn to the words in our scripture above. This is God hanging on the cross saying these words to His (our) Father. These are desperate words as Jesus is about to die. When He needed His Father the most, Jesus asked what we ask, “God, where are you in my time of need?”

Guess what? God has and will always be there. Prayers may not get answered in the way WE want them answered. Don’t be discouraged. Keep praying and believe!

I found these words in my study Bible, “We had a significant part in the drama that dark afternoon because our sins were on the cross, too.” Jesus died 2000+ years ago, but the sins we commit today, tomorrow and the next day were nailed to the cross when the spikes were driven into Jesus’ hands and feet.

Thank God that Jesus died and rose again, so our sins can be forgiven! 

Bruce Walth

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