Day 37

Day 37

Read: Mark 15:1-20

In Mark 14 and 15, Jesus was betrayed, arrested, put on trial, and handed over to be crucified. Every person mentioned in this passage has power. Many of the people mentioned also possess the ability to influence the outcome of Jesus’s final days on earth.

Pilate– The Roman governor who was hungry for power and ultimately refused to go against the demands of the crowd.

Priests– The leaders of the church who twisted the truth and fabricated lies to create chaos in the crowds.

Crowd– An easily influenced group of people who allowed the heat of the moment and blind belief to hinder the truth.

Barabbas– A revolutionary who rebelled against the government and was in prison for murder.

Soldiers– Cruel men who tortured and berated Jesus and executed their duties with no respect for life. 

Jesus– Fully God and fully man, Jesus exhibited a quiet, unshakeable power and overcame the impossible circumstances of his mission.

As you consider each person, wrestle with what could have been their thoughts or actions. Who do you identify with? Although we may never walk through an experience of this magnitude, many of us will encounter unjust situations, as well as opportunities to speak of the hope we have as believers (1 Peter 3:15). May these challenges become opportunities to choose what is right, influence others with the truth, and speak words that give life.

Amanda Rue

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