Day 3

Day 3

Day 3: Read Mark 1: 29-39

We tend to be a very busy people. We exercise, go to work, run around getting our kids to school and different activities. We almost have to have our schedule completely packed to feel like we are keeping up with everyone else. If you listen to some successful leaders though, you would be amazed at their schedules. Bill Gates once thought the only way to do things was to have every minute of his schedule packed. Warren Buffett taught him the importance of giving yourself time to think. Mr. Buffett’s weekly calendar will regularly only have 3 or 4 things on it. Richard Branson believes that being intentional about taking time away from your to-do list helps you to think and feel. 

These are not revelations that these successful people came up with themselves. Jesus was doing this 2,000 years ago. Jesus had many people fighting for his attention and time. He could have easily filled every minute of His day talking with and helping those around Him. However, He knew the importance of taking time for Himself. We see it in today’s verses, but we can also find it throughout the Gospels. Jesus would frequently go off by Himself to a solitary place. This was His time to think and to talk with God. He was also setting an example for His disciples and for us. Whether you’re a business person or not, we all need to take time to gather our thoughts, visit with God, and recharge before getting back to our busy schedules. My prayer for you is that you can learn from Jesus and carve out time each day just for you.

Jeremy Skoglund

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