Day 29

Day 29

Read: Mark 11:12-33

As you read the middle portion of chapter 11 what emotion would you use to describe Jesus?

This is one of my favorite scriptures.  I have referenced Jesus’s actions when some have questioned whether the one who said turn the other cheek ever angered.  In Bible study class discussions some have wondered how the Prince of Peace could justify such ruckus actions. No doubt this isn’t the only time such passion is exhibited in the New Testament (consider the fig tree passage of Matthew 21) not to mention the Old.

Why do I consider this a favorite text? While we shouldn’t compare ourselves to Christ seeing his Father’s house corrupted, I believe it gives us example for passionate actions for the Kingdom. Violence? No. Certainly Jesus could have struck the corruptors dead or mute. He could have sent them over a cliff faster than the possessed swine. Instead, he simple turned over the tables and cleared them from the temple but when mention of Old Testament prophesy was fulfilled the guilty were scared.

When are we passionate about our faith? Do we take bold actions to protect God’s Kingdom and its followers? I suggest we interrupt the teller of a foul joke. We step in between a bully and the offended.  We testify at the legislature or speak up elsewhere. Are you ready defend your Father in heaven with action today?   

Kenton Carlson

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