Day 25

Day 25

Read: Mark 10: 1-16

The enemies of Jesus were once again trying to trick him. When it came to following the letter of the law, there were none better than the Pharisees. However, in the New Testament stories, they never did seem to comprehend the heart of the law. The letter of the law says that you just follow the rules and fill out the paperwork and viola – you are divorced. The heart of the law says – God made you to stay together, you accepted the challenge, so you should really try to honor God’s handiwork. I understand this is not always easy and not always possible, but God’s union belongs to God, tearing it apart in order to marry someone else is not. 

It comes as no surprise to me that Jesus comes out on the side of marriage and children. He did create these bonds for us so that we would not be lonely. I think marriage and children are God’s way of gifting us with love. After all, He calls us His children. We can bask in the love of God because we are His children and He wants nothing to get between Him and His children.  Best of all – He loves all children.  I have no doubt that the children who came to Him in this story were dirty and smelly.  Guess what – He didn’t care. God’s example is that children are here to be loved, no matter who or what is interrupted.  

Almost as an afterthought, His next point is that we are to accept God’s kingdom with the same simplicity as a child. I don’t have to have great intellect. I don’t have to study theology. I don’t have to prepare, or wash, wear fancy clothes, or know anything else. All I have to know is that God loves me, I am part of His kingdom, and no one is allowed to come between me and God.  When I understand that one point, I can feel Jesus lay His hands of blessing on me.

Diane Dyk

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