Day 2

Day 2

Read Mark 1:14-28

“Immediately He called them, and they left their father Zebedee in the boat with the hired servants and went away to follow Him.” (Mark 1:20 NASB)

John Wesley’s notes on this verse say, “Happy they who follow Christ at the first call!” I have to admit, I was not always open to that call, including in my relationships. Sometimes, it took hearing aids to get the message!

The word “consequences” comes to mind. There were too many times in my life when I found a man an overwhelming attraction and rushed headlong into a relationship. Their charm, good looks, wealth, sense of humor, (fill in the blank), left me breathless and not the least concerned about what lay ahead because, “we could handle it together.” The problem was that I never asked Christ to “Lead me.” I just asked, “Please, give me.” It wasn’t until I found myself a single mom that the outcome of my decisions opened my ears (and eyes) to the fact that only through God was I able to handle all life sent me.

I discovered that time spent in Bible study, prayer, faith sharing, and God’s quiet embrace finally turned up the volume on my hearing aids. I was increasingly aware of the path that God had always planned for me. I was open to His promptings and guidance. What a blessing! Life is happier, simpler, and abundant now.

Do your hearing aids need batteries? I would encourage you to pray, fast, dive into God’s word, join a Bible study, etc., and turn up the volume on the message the good Lord is sending your way right now – Right Now – RIGHT NOW!

Patty VerDouw

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