Day 19

Day 19

Read: Mark 7: 1-23

The other day I was driving past a local church and their sign read, “Don’t believe everything you think.” I don’t always notice what their sign says, but I noticed that one, because that is one of my favorite quotes.  It means that not everything you think is going to be the truth. We all have thoughts and beliefs that are guided by those around us and by things we read. Since others tend to guide some of those beliefs, there is a good chance that some of what we believe is not true. Were you taught in school that bats are blind? I specifically remember my teacher telling me that, because I remember trying to come up with a plan based on that information to catch a bat that was in our garage. In reality, while bats do use echolocation at night, many of them can see better than we can. That is probably why turning on bright lights didn’t help at all to catch that bat.

The Pharisees observed many traditions that were created by humans. They had grown to believe that they fully understood the scriptures and that all the rules they had put in place were for the good of all of God’s people. They couldn’t understand why Jesus would allow His disciples to eat food with defiled hands. Jesus tries to explain that it’s not what goes into someone’s body that defiles it. Jesus said, “What comes out of a person is what defiles them.”

I don’t plan to automatically change my beliefs, but I would hope that if Jesus came along to tell me my thinking was wrong, I would be open to the possibility that what I think may not be the truth.

Jeremy Skoglund

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