Day 15

Day 15

Read: Mark 6: 1-13

My wife and I talk often about whether we are following God’s path or our own path and how we are teaching our daughters about God’s plan for their lives. The other day, she made a statement that has resonated with me. She said she knows Jesus is in the vehicle with us on our journey through life. In fact, she believes He’s sitting in the passenger seat, guiding us. Her comment or question was, “How do we make a change to let Jesus take over the driving?” It’s a very good question that I didn’t really have an answer for nor was I sure that I wanted to give up the driving. I like guidance from other people, but I think most times I take that guidance as more of a suggestion. I’m still going to make my own decisions.  

In today’s verses, we see the disciples following Jesus’s directions as they head out in pairs to preach the Gospel. He tells them to take nothing but the clothes they are wearing and a staff on their journey. I have a good idea what my response would have been. I would have been all in favor of going and doing what Jesus asked, but before I left, I would definitely have packed a bag of things just in case. I would have thought that I’m still doing what He wanted by spreading the Gospel, but in reality, I would have missed the more important lesson of relying on the Lord for all my needs.

As we go through our days, let us work to turn control over to God of everything from our careers to our family to our finances. If He’s telling us to forgive those around us or make a career change or give more at Church, let us not take those as suggestions.

Jeremy Skoglund

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