Day 13

Day 13

Read: Mark 5:1-20

“My name is Legion, because there are many of us (evil spirits) inside this man.” Mark 5:9 (NLT)

In today’s scripture, Jesus comes across a man possessed by many evil spirits. As Jesus approaches this man, the evil spirits requested to be allowed to enter a large herd of pigs (about 2,000) which then plunged down a steep hillside and drowned in a lake.

As I read today’s scripture, I have more questions than answers:

   This man lived among burial caves. What did he eat to survive?

   He cut himself with sharp stones. Why didn’t he bleed to death?

   Why were there so many evil spirits inside this man? Wouldn’t one have been enough?

Why did the evil spirits have to enter the whole herd of pigs? If they were inside one man, couldn’t they have just entered one pig?

Who did the evil spirits think they were to negotiate with Jesus to be allowed to enter the herd of pigs instead of being destroyed?

Did someone own the herd of pigs?

What about the pigs themselves? They were innocently going about their day and then drowned in a lake.

What about the man? What was his life like after the demons were gone?

What are we to learn from this story? Do each of us have many evil spirits inside of us such as selfishness, greed, hatred, envy, lust, etc.? In verse seven, the demon screamed at Jesus, “Why are you interfering with me?” Do we feel that God is interfering with us? Do we want to live our lives without interference by God?

Pray and ask God to live inside of you and to remove anything that hinders your relationship with Him.

Bruce Walth

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