Day 12

Day 12

Read Mark 4: 26-41

As we read this iconic scripture at the end of Chapter 4, what portion stands out to you?  

At different times in my life I hear many different messages. I hope that today you are not questioning why Jesus is sleeping while you are in a serious storm, but most of us have been there. Maybe you wonder why Jesus didn’t know a storm was coming. Have you been thinking he should have been your weatherman before taking a life journey that seems doomed by stormy weather? Are you the one waking Jesus or are you bailing water with neglect to even waking him?

Are you in a place where you have just seen Jesus calm the storm? Are you standing in awe? Are you surprised? Have you asked him to do so? The Word is here so you can know He is always in the boat with you.

I hope that you know He can calm any storm in your life.  Call out to Him. You won’t have to shake Him from slumber, but you may need to rattle your faith. Are you willing to accept His answer and trust Him as though He was sleeping while you were tackling the world without Him?

Kenton Carlson

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