Day 11

Day 11

Read Mark 4:1-25

Growing up as a farm kid, I always loved the parables where Jesus spoke of growing crops or raising livestock as he did here in Mark 4. I could understand these parables and Jesus didn’t seem 2,000 years away on the shores of Galilee. Even if you have only grown vegetables or a lawn, the meaning of this story seems rather straightforward. We might wonder like Jesus did out loud in verse thirteen though. Don’t these disciples get anything? 

Our Bibles clearly explain the parable of seed falling on different soil types. In fact, the red typeface indicates Christ explained directly to the disciples it depicted how some received the Word of God.

Easy for us to judge them, yet should we probe a bit deeper?

I tend to think of this scripture as a daily guide, not just a growing season or the life of an individual. In fact, we can apply it to even portions of our week or day. Since we have received the good Word of our Savior, what will we do with it today? Will we allow it to temper our rock-hard hearts?  Will we share the message despite our timid personality? Will we work as though the seed (the Word/our God) was blown away Monday through Saturday and go looking for it again next Sunday?

Before we think this parable was placed in our Bibles only to reason the hatred and sin of unbelievers, I suggest we place it at the heart of our daily walk. What kind of soil will you be today? 

Kenton Carlson

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