Legacy Church

Defined by Generosity

Some people live by the motto: look out for number one. Jesus challenges us to live differently, to give up our own way, and to care deeply for others. Brandon explores how God created each one of us to be defined by generosity, as individuals and as a community of faith

Wisdom & Finance

The prodigal son spent everything and more that came into his hand and ended up destitute on the street. Yet his father welcomed him back with open arms, running to him. Brandon explores the incredible grace and forgiveness of God and some steps we can take to avoid the financial mistakes the prodigal son made.

Cultivating Contentment

We regularly breathe in the air of constant economic dissatisfaction, never feeling like we have enough. Brandon explores how we can build contentment in our lives as we discover what we truly love.

Growing Old, Sickness and Death

Everyone, at one point or another, fears death. Don explores Jesus’ hope-filled words that he is the resurrection and the life; everyone who believes in Christ, even though they die, they will yet live. Those words allow us to live lives unafraid today.


The number one fear of those under 50 is failure, whether at jobs or relationships or family or missed opportunities. Brandon explores the life of Moses and how God equips us to take healthy risks, to experience meaning and hope and life beyond anything we ever could have imagined.

Friendless and Alone

Researchers talk about an epidemic of loneliness in the US and UK today. And the Internet, smartphones and television only make us more lonely. Brandon explores how God designed us for community with each other and a relationship with Christ to address our fear of loneliness.

Fear of the Other

There are people in our lives that don’t come from our backgrounds and can be hard to understand; they are the others. Brandon explores Jesus’ challenging call to treat everyone as our neighbors, to love and to understand all, including the others we encounter.

An Age of High Anxiety

Fear is a complex emotion. Sometimes it saves us. More often it robs us of the life we want. Brandon explores the twelve spies of Israel and why two of them chose the path of hope and courage instead of fear. The story teaches us how to live lives unafraid.

Rejoice with Me

The 72, experiencing wolves, bears and crushing pressure, having to leave towns that didn’t want them, return to Jesus incredibly joyful. Yes, they ran into hardship but also saw lives completely transformed and changed. Don explores the joy of living as one of the 72 today.

Word & Deed

Jesus sends the 72 out into the world with a two-pronged purpose: to heal the sick and to preach the Kingdom, to act the message and to speak it. Brandon explores how we go out into the world with the same two-pronged purpose yet today.