Legacy Church

Learning How to Love

Modern dating has changed drastically in past 10 years, so much so that traditional Christian teaching on romantic relationships seems prudish and old-fashioned. Yet God is not a cosmic killjoy but wants to protect us. Brandon explores how we learn to love in 2019.

What If

God came to earth and that changes everything! What if we remembered and live that reality, not just during Christmas but all-year long? Andy explores what God can do through us when we live Emmanuel, God with us, every day.

Love All

This baby, God with us, changes everything! Christmas changed the world the first time and still can today if we choose to love all. Brandon shares very practical ways we do that as individuals and as the church.

Give More

Just as God gave us a costly and relational gift in Jesus, we should give the gift of time and presence to each other. Don explores how we can give more of our hands and our heart.

Worship Fully

Worship is not just one hour a week but a lifestyle of every word, act and deed done to the glory of God. Brandon explores Mary’s response to the angel Gabriel and how we can worship in our everyday lives.

Idolatry Near the Manager

Advent calls us to prepare for Jesus’ second coming while we remember his first arrival as a baby. Yet we lose the meaning in our pursuit of the “perfect Christmas.” Amanda calls us back through the story of Joseph.

Cautious Seeker: Emily Dickinson

Emily, the great US poet, took steps towards Jesus and away from Christ her whole life. Yet she’s remembered as the one of the greatest religious thinkers of her time. Brandon explores her life and the connection with the father who pleaded with Jesus “Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!”

Living Up to Our Name: Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass lived in 19th century America, born a slave with a drive to be free that saw him greatly impact the nation. Yet his experience with Christians filled him with bitterness. Douglass challenged the church just as Jesus challenged the religious leaders of his day to face their hypocrisy. Brandon explores the call to pursue righteousness with truth and grace.

A Night of Fire: Blaise Pascal

Pascal was a genius, from mathematics to theology, inventing mass transportation to the modern-day syringe. Yet his faith in Jesus meant the most to him. Andy explores Pascal’s life and its impact for us today.

Teresa of Avila: A Very Irregular Saint

Teresa never hid her humanness, with God or with other people. She was brutally honest in prayer and that honesty allowed her to grow deeply in faith. Don explores Teresa’s life and the lessons we can learn to grow closer to Jesus today.