Legacy Church

How Can Satan Cast Out Satan?

Jesus encounters his own family and religious leaders who don’t know what to make of him. Andy explores a rather kind Jesus correcting people and directing them towards who he actually is.

Why are You So Afraid?

While moving to a new area to do ministry, Jesus and the disciples encounter a storm on the Sea of Galilee. The disciples move from fear to fear as they see what Jesus is able to do. Brandon explores how Jesus helps us face our fears yet today.

Why Do You Question These Things in Your Heart?

Jesus, preaching to a full house one day, is interrupted by the ceiling falling down around him. A group of friends took apart a roof to get their sick friend into Jesus’ presence. Don explores the incredible story of a group of friends’ faith and how it makes all the difference.

Do You Remember that You are Dust?

Ash Wednesday is the yearly reminder that we are mortal and in need of a Savior. Brandon dives into the first few verses of Mark as we commit to read it together this Lent.

Repentance One Inch at a Time

Joseph wants some sign that his family feels sorry for what they’ve done. Have they confessed the horror done to him? Brandon explores the final step in Joseph’s story and the challenge to leave changing others up to God; our task is to love people.

The Not-So-Happy Reunion

Joseph, after enduring incredible suffering, finally enters a place of influence in Egypt! It seems like a great place to end the story but, after 20 years, his family reappears. Joseph has moved beyond his past but his brothers are stuck in yesterday. Brandon explores how God desires confession and repentance to move us off our yesterdays.

When a Dream Dies

17 years have past since Joseph had dreams about his future. It felt like a lifetime ago. Joseph let those dreams go but a new situation brought them back to life. Don explores Joseph’s time in prison, still following God despite his horrible circumstances.

All the Right Choices, All the Wrong Results

Joseph finds himself a slave in Potiphar’s home. Instead of lamenting his situation, he leans into the Lord, Potiphar recognizes his talents and promotes Joseph appropriately. Brandon explores Joseph’s decision to make the holy choice regardless of the outcome.

No Family is Perfect

Scrolling through our social media feeds with perfect pictures, we can start to believe the lie other families are perfect and ours are not. The truth is that no family is perfect. Brandon explores the life of Joseph and the reality that Jesus can break us free from any unhealthy patterns in our lives and in our families.r

Avoiding Autopilot

It is so easy to coast and to not invest anything in our key relationships, letting them stagnate and eventually disintegrate altogether. Brandon explores some advice from the book of Romans on how we can invest in our relationships that matter most to us.