Unsung Heroes: Our Gifts & Talents

Abraham. Mary. David. You might know their stories, but this series isn’t about them. Instead, we find stories of people in the corners of our Bibles who you may never Unsung Heroes: Our Gifts & Talents

For the Birds: The Power of Words

We dive into the short film “For the Birds” and explore its connection to our faith with the power of the words we speak to each other. 

Piper: Overcoming Fear

We dive into the short film ‘Piper’ and explore the ways our faith helps us to overcome unhealthy fear. We’ll remember one of the most repeated phrases in Scripture, 140 times Piper: Overcoming Fear

La Luna: Modeling Faith

On this Father’s Day, Vicky explores how we encourage each other to Jesus with lessons from the short film La Luna.

Paperman: Persistence

We can forget that God is constantly moving, constantly working for God, when we face roadblocks to what God is calling us to do. Andy explores the life of Paul Paperman: Persistence

FEAST – At The Mini Movies

This month, you’ll watch an entire short film during the message and we’ll explore together where the story intersects with God and the Bible. We’ve had a great time putting FEAST – At The Mini Movies

A Neighborly Christian

God has designed us to survive and thrive as his people by being teaching and learning from each other, by being in community and communing with each other, in our A Neighborly Christian

A Neighboring Church

We love our neighbors well by giving immediate aid & long-term support.

Stepping Into the Neighborhood

What did Jesus mean when he said to love our neighbor? Just the abstract idea of a neighbor across the world? Or the flesh-and-blood person that lives across the street, Stepping Into the Neighborhood

Is there life after death?

Is there Life after death? Pastor Andy’s answer in this message: Absolutely. We get to choose in this life what it will look like – Choose Jesus.