JoAnn Early

JoAnn Early

The Risen One

Andy, Don and Brandon explore the effect of Jesus’ resurrection on our lives yet today.

The Crowd

On Sunday the crowd welcome Jesus into Jerusalem with a parade; 5 days later, they want to crucify him. Brandon explores how we build our lives on something more lasting The Crowd

Good Friday

The Religious Leaders

Jesus saved his harshest critiques for the religious leaders of his day. Andy explores how we can avoid the traps of pride and arrogance through humility, prayer and Scripture in The Religious Leaders

The Story of the Rich Man & Lazarus

Jesus had many encounters with the religious leaders of his day, challenging them to see the people in front of them and give up their pursuit of power, status and The Story of the Rich Man & Lazarus

The Women

Jesus discipled men and women, something that would have been scandalous in the 1st century. Brandon explores the impact of these first followers, reminding us there are no insignificant tasks The Women

The Story of the Lost Sheep

Jesus, trying to tell the religious leader why he eats with everyone, shares the tale of the lost sheep. Vicky dives into the tale and challenges us to be found The Story of the Lost Sheep

The 72

We meet the rookies in Luke’s Diner, the 72 sent out on mission by Jesus to prepare for His arrival in new towns. Don explores how we can have the The 72

The 12

Jesus assembled a motley, diverse crew of 12 to learn from him every single day. It is this group of 12 that lead the movement of the church after Jesus’ The 12

The Story of the Good Samaritan

One day, an expert scholar tries to trap Jesus on what it truly means to follow God. Jesus confronts the scholar’s blindspots to show that love God means to love The Story of the Good Samaritan