Brandon Vetter

The Importance of Wise Counsel

Who we listen to has a powerful impact on who we will be. Andy kicks off the Esther series exploring the relationships between King Xerxes and Esther and their respective The Importance of Wise Counsel

6/30 Friday News

The new Esther series kicks off, student ministry events and more!

Risking Love Again

It is risky to love anyone, even an animal, because loss is a part of love. On VBS celebration Sunday, Brandon explores the message of LEGO Batman, diving into Ephesians Risking Love Again

11/23 Wednesday News

Thanksgiving & Advent Begins! Check out the weekly news.

8/12 Friday News

Check out the latest on our mission partners in India, Reach the City event, and week 2 of the Sticky Faith series!

5/20 Update

A new worship series, staff changes, the hunger garden begins and more in this week’s note!