We believe…

…that every person on this blue green planet, more than 7.3 billion people, live under the umbrella of God’s grace.

…that from start to finish, from our first breath to last, God’s reckless love covers us whether we realize it or not! God is crazy in love with every person on this planet.

…that God’s not a judge who wants to condemn us. He’s not some ogre who wants to harm us. God is a Father. Remember, Jesus called God his Abba, Papa, Daddy who wants to be in an intimate and personal relationship with all us.

…that we experience God’s amazing grace in distinct, definable stages or phases.

…that before we knew God, we lived under “even there,” prevenient grace. God has been trying to get our attention or woo us into a relationship.

…that we come to a moment or a season when we recognize God’s unconditional, relentless love for us, and enter into “even now,” justifying grace. God takes the initiative to restore our broken relationship with him because of sin.

…that God isn’t finished with us yet, because though he loves us exactly where we are, he loves us too much to leave us there. Growing followers of Jesus learn to cooperate with Holy Spirit in the gift of Christian community and experience “even more,” sanctifying grace. This is when we learn to love God and other people even more and our lives begin to reflect the character of Jesus even more.

…that this journey of sanctification leads us to death’s door. Because at the end of our lives, God’s arm is not short! God leads us by the hand through the veil of death as we graduate from this life temporal to that life eternal. We will experience “even when” I die, glorifying grace. It’s our homecoming day when we will see Jesus face to face!

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