Legacy Church

120 years ago…

a group of entrepreneurial Christians across the river felt God call them to plant a church. Legacy is that church and we have been reaching generation after generation for Jesus ever since! Today, God calls us to take the next steps, onward, to be the community of impact that reaches people for Christ for generations to come!

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In this three year project from January 2018 to December 2020, Legacy Onward contains four priorities:

Debt Retirement

Remaining Mortgage

God has moved in incredible ways over the last 4 years in our Durango facility. Lives are being changed! Our $5.8 million dollar campus has only $400,000 left on the mortgage as of January 2018. Thanks so much for letting God work through you to accomplish God’s will!

We’re committed to paying off the debt to free up other resources to be used for more ministries and new projects.


As any ND homeowner knows, specials are the costs for roads, water, sewage and infrastructure to our properties. Legacy is also assessed specials. They are $235,000; this amount has not been included in any previous capital campaign.

The specials may be removed from the project if the building expansion comes in higher than anticipated.

The debt retirement portion of the Legacy Onward campaign is $400,000 to $635,000.

Pray with us: God, thank you for the Legacy we’ve received in the faithfulness of past generations. May we take the next steps together to continue the legacy of reaching today’s and future generations for you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Building Expansion

Student Ministry and Adult Classroom Space

One of the primary reasons we built our current facility was lack of adequate kids space in the previous facility. As a result, Legacy Kids has grown by leaps and bounds; those kids are becoming middle and high school students, moving into a youth room that is not adequate for the number of students we are shepherding.

Many Wednesday nights, more than 50 middle school students and their small group leaders cram into the youth room. The youth room was inadequate for middle school last year and, based on the most conservative projections for Bismarck and Legacy, will continue to be so in the years ahead. It will be inadequate for high school on Sunday nights in a few years. We’re in need of more student ministry space.


This expansion increases the usable square footage of the large group space 40% and adds 8 rooms for small groups plus a family room for nursing moms. An unisex bathroom is added near the large gathering space. The 2 ‘meeting rooms’ can be used for adult classes, allowing us to double our adult class options on Sundays and Wednesdays. A small mechanical/storage upper level room is also added.

This building expansion portion of Legacy Onward is estimated at $1,115,000 to $1,400,000.

Pray with us: Lord God, like Joshua, help me to choose each and every day to serve you alone, for you to shape all that I am. Help me to share the stories of your power and might and love to all that I may encounter. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Legacy South

Legacy has a long history of extending our reach, from cable access to online worship to Thailand. We were a part of God resurrecting Moffit UMC and continue to assist Cory Thrall with his five churches: Center, Washburn, Turtle Lake, Beulah and Hazen. Now, God is calling us to take the next step: to become a multi-site church with a campus of Legacy on the south side.

What is a multi-site church?

A multi-site church replicates what it does at another location, to reach new people that would not otherwise visit us. A new site typically begins where God is moving, at a place where people connected to the first site already live.

Why begin in Lincoln?

Lincoln remains one of the top 4 growing areas in Bismarck in addition to Boulder Ridge, Promontory Point and NE Bismarck. Two Legacy life groups already meet there: a Wednesday night kids ministry and a mom’s group. Not only that, a grandmother from Tuttle drives in every Wednesday to teach Sunday School because she wanted her grandchildren to follow Jesus. The Holy Spirit is up to something!

How does it begin? What is the ultimate goal?

The Legacy South pastor builds relationships with new people, starts more life groups, and puts together a launch team. The goal is to provide weekly worship with kids ministry, likely in a school, by October 2018. The ultimate goal is to have a financially self-sustaining and growing Legacy South campus by the end of 2020.

Our Commitment

Over three years, assuming successful completion of many benchmarks and goals along the way, we commit $150,000 in the Legacy Onward campaign. Those gifts are matched dollar-for-dollar by the denomination, extending our reach.

Pray with us: Loving God, we’re so thankful for the entrepreneurial Christians that made the choice to come across the river 120 years ago. May we take this step in their honor, to be the sent ones blessed to bless others, going south where you are already moving in people’s hearts. It is the legacy the world needs. It is in Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Legacy Foundation

What is the Legacy Foundation?

The Legacy Foundation exists to endow and support the future of our church’s mission and ministry by encouraging Legacy participants to support the long-range financial growth and sustainability of our church. The Foundation seeks to eventually raise $1 million dollars and only spend the interest of the funds on various projects.

How will the dollars be spent?

The annual earnings will be spent on capital improvements, ministry expenses outside of the general fund, missions and scholarships. Donors can specify which fund receives their dollars.

Who serves on the foundation board?

The board consists of 7 people: Legacy Finance Team (4 members), Lead Pastor, Operations Director and an ad hoc member selected by the other six members.

Ways to Give

Contributions can be made via the weekly offering, scheduled online payments or one of these methods: retirement plan assets, stock, life insurance, named beneficiary, will, living removable trust, charitable gift annuity and charitable remainder trust.

ND residents can take advantage of the 40% state tax credit for gifts of $5,000 or larger to qualified permanent endowment funds. The Legacy Foundation qualifies for this state tax credit.

The endowment portion of the Legacy Onward campaign is $100,000 on our way to the goal of a $1 million dollar endowment.

Pray with us: God, we desire to be a church that goes beyond our walls, that seeks to serve and not to be served. Guide us to be a community of impact, reaching new people and meeting needs for generations to come. In Jesus’ name, Amen.