Legacy Church

For the past 10 years, we’ve given away our Christmas Eve offering to organizations beyond the walls of our church. Christmas is not our birthday; it is Jesus’ birthday. So let’s give him something that he would enjoy!

The first offerings were given solely to the Ruth Meier’s Hospitality House.

Over the past few years, they have been split between Ruth Meier’s and other regional ministries like new church starts and the Baaken Oil Rush Ministry.

We’ve given away almost $350,000 over 9 years to organizations beyond our walls.

2018’s Half-a-Christmas Challenge goal is $50,000 to be given to the United Way’s Homeless Shelter and new church starts in North Dakota and South Dakota.

Join us for Christmas Eve 2018 and give extravagantly! You can also giveĀ online by choosing the Half-a-Christmas fund.

Check out the story on why we give away our Christmas Eve offering!

Half-a-Christmas Origin from Legacy Church on Vimeo.