Legacy Church

Legacy North

Wednesday Night Classes – 6:00-7:15 pm

James: The First Real Christian
Led by
 Brandon & Don
Do you remember the first real Christian you ever met? There’s a quality about these kinds of people. They step up, put their money where their mouth is, and do the Word of God. Their lives beckon the followers of Jesus to stop phoning it in. James was like this, a true agent of awakening. His life and words operate like a reverse snooze bar. As we start to drift into sleep, his words offer a wake-up call. Join us as we walk through the book of James in our Bibles!


Financial Peace University
Led by Paul
This 8-week money management class will walk you through the basics of budgeting, dumping debt, planning for the future, and much more. Cost is $99. Scholarships are available.


Waiting for Wonder by Marlo Schalesky
Led by Andra
This book study will reveal the wonder that is often missed when we find ourselves struggling to wait well. Walking through the life of the biblical character Sarah, one who knows what it means to wait, you will discover a glimpse of God’s character that will give you strength to keep hoping and praying for the desires of your heart.


Fierce Marriage by Ryan & Selena Frederick
Led by Milt & Amanda
Fierce Marriage is a call to couples to put Christ at the center of their marriage, measuring everything they do and say to each other against what Christ did for them. This study will focus on five key areas of marriage: priorities, communication, money, sex, and conflict. Couples will be encouraged to see marriage as not just a relationship they should try to keep healthy but also one worth fighting for–in every situation.


Facing Issues that Divide Bible Study
Led by Brandon and Don – This class is available online anytime as a part of the Legacy North Facebook Group.
How do Christians reading the same Bible come to very different conclusions on some of the hot-button issues of our day? Join us as we explore the following topics: Christianity and Guns; Christianity and Healthcare; LGBT+ and the United Methodist Church; Immigrants and the Bible.


Epic of Eden: Understanding the Old Testament by Sandra Richter
Led by Brandon and Don – This class is available online anytime as a part of theLegacy North Facebook Group.
Let’s be honest: It’s just easier to study the New Testament. The pre-Jesus part of the Bible can seem so convoluted with lineages, stories, and laws that Jesus came to abolish. Much of what we know about the Old Testament can feel like a grab bag of people, books, events, and ideas. It can be hard for us make sense of it and see how it connects to God’s bigger story at all.  This class will provide you with a rich understanding of the Old Testament and how it relates to your story. Participants will discover how the big story of Scripture has serious implications for our present. Just because it happened in the past doesn’t mean it stays there!

Legacy South

Thursday Night Classes – 6:00 pm at BisMan CO-OP  Beginning February 28th

Led by Andy & JoAnn
Feeling powerless? In a world that is infatuated with power, most of us feel powerless – powerless to control the destiny of our nation, career, financial security, and even our own addictions. We know we are in a battle for our lives, but we can’t seem to find the strength we do desperately need. What if you can change this? What if there is One who can empower you to prevail over the emotional, physical, and even spiritual chaos in your life? Enough living in defeat. God has given us supernatural tools to use here on earth that can both protect you from the enemy and strengthen you to conquer obstacles in life.

Discover Legacy

Discover Legacy is the place where you can take your next steps at Legacy, ask your questions, hear the story and vision of our church and find out how you can get more involved. Join us for our next class on Sunday, March 17 at 11:45 am in the Community Room near door 1.

Participants of this class will: 

  • learn more about Legacy’s beliefs, practices, and vision.
  • Consider next steps at Legacy, including membership, connecting in groups and making an impact within one’s spiritual giftedness.

Register for this class by contacting Amanda at Amanda@legacyumc.org. Lunch and childcare provided with pre-registration.

Upcoming Dates:

Tuesday, May 14 at 6:30 pm