Legacy Church

Upside Down, Upside Right

The Beatitudes seem like great pie-in-the-sky notions that simply cannot work in the world we live. They are upside down. But, what if Jesus is telling us we are the ones who are upside down? Dan explores Matthew 5.

Justify It or Confess It

John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus by challenging everyone, even Israelites who are descendants of Abraham, to repent. Repentance means we stop playing games and come home to God & our true selves. Don explores what it means for us today.

The God We Didn’t Expect

The greatest adventure story ever told begins with a seemingly dull list of names. But that list of men and women tell us volumes about the heart of God that will soon be seen in the flesh in Jesus. Brandon kicks off Lent by exploring Matthew 1.

The Power of a Story

From parents telling children bedtime stories to village elders sharing wisdom to younger generations, cultures around the world share the practice of telling a great story. Hear 5 stories from people at Legacy of God moving in their lives.

Living Beyond Your Regrets

We need to grow into a habit of regularly recognizing, releasing and watching God redeem our regrets. Andy explores the life of Paul and how he overcame incredible regret to become one of the best evangelists for Jesus.

Redeem Your Regrets

In order to love our regrets, we recognize them head on and we release them once we’ve learned all that we can from them. God steps in and, over the course of time, God redeems our regrets in ways we might not even imagine. Brandon explores King David’s life to learn how we wait and watch for redemption to come to us.

Release Your Regrets

After David recognized his many mistakes, he confessed and turned to go a new direction in his life by writing Psalm 51. Brandon explores the Psalm as we learn how to release regrets into God’s hands.

Recognize Your Regrets

Regrets don’t remind us we did badly; they show us we can do better. The first step to love our regrets is to recognize them and face them head-on. King David made many mistakes and must decide to face them or not. Don explores David’s response and how we can learn to take this first step to love our regrets with God.

Loving Your Regrets

Children as young as 9 years old have regrets. We can get stuck in our regrets, unable to move forward into God’s preferred future for us. Brandon explores God’s purpose for regrets: not to remind us we did badly but to show us we can do better.

Unraveled Plans: Four Christmases

Brad and Kate’s Christmas plans are ruined when they must spend time with their family. They discover, while their families are dysfunctional, their relationship is stuck and in need of serious reflection. Brandon explores the film Four Christmases and how the people in the Christmas story show us how to become unstuck and move forward into a new year with God.