Legacy Church

Beautiful Flops

Peter takes a daring and bold step of faith but immediately flops. While the impulse of faith was perfect when none of the other disciples move, Peter makes a mistake requiring Jesus’ help. Brandon explores Peter’s beautiful flop.

Dealing With Doubts

John the Baptist wondered if Jesus was the one he had been waiting and preparing the way for. John had a moment of doubt like everyone does in their lives. Jesus says look at what I am doing. Andy explores the end of John’s earthly life.

The Beauty of Being Present

Jesus not only cured diseases and healed bodies; he also restored broken lives. He addressed wounds of the body and the gaping wounds of the human heart. Jesus still heals today. Brandon explores the stories of Jesus the healer.

Make a Decision

The narrow path or the wide path? The good tree or the bad tree? We can’t follow Jesus with half-measures. Don explores what it means to fully follow Jesus in our lives today.

Stealth Spirituality

We have a fundamental human need to be noticed, blessed and affirmed. Matthew lays out a quiet, unnoticed, unspectacular little ways to follow the Father and fulfill our valid human need to be noticed. Brandon explores Jesus’ take on stealth spirituality.

Upside Down, Upside Right

The Beatitudes seem like great pie-in-the-sky notions that simply cannot work in the world we live. They are upside down. But, what if Jesus is telling us we are the ones who are upside down? Dan explores Matthew 5.

Justify It or Confess It

John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus by challenging everyone, even Israelites who are descendants of Abraham, to repent. Repentance means we stop playing games and come home to God & our true selves. Don explores what it means for us today.

The God We Didn’t Expect

The greatest adventure story ever told begins with a seemingly dull list of names. But that list of men and women tell us volumes about the heart of God that will soon be seen in the flesh in Jesus. Brandon kicks off Lent by exploring Matthew 1.

The Power of a Story

From parents telling children bedtime stories to village elders sharing wisdom to younger generations, cultures around the world share the practice of telling a great story. Hear 5 stories from people at Legacy of God moving in their lives.

Living Beyond Your Regrets

We need to grow into a habit of regularly recognizing, releasing and watching God redeem our regrets. Andy explores the life of Paul and how he overcame incredible regret to become one of the best evangelists for Jesus.