Legacy Church

Who is This Man?

Four times in Matthew, Jesus causes seismic shifts in the world that cause dramatic shifts in people then and now. Amanda explores the stories where Jesus stirs a crowd to respond, both positively and negatively.

The Shock of Grace

We’re all looking for a story to make sense of our story. One day, Jesus shares a story of vineyard workers that shocks us with just how amazing and abundant God’s grace is! Brandon explores the grace we do not deserve but God gives anyway.

Coming Down the Mountain

Three disciples go with Jesus up a mountain and have an otherworldly experience, Most of us like it when Jesus invites us up for an experience on a mountaintop; we resist the call to come down into the world’s ugliness and pain. Kermit explores the lessons that day on the mountain.

Beautiful Flops

Peter takes a daring and bold step of faith but immediately flops. While the impulse of faith was perfect when none of the other disciples move, Peter makes a mistake requiring Jesus’ help. Brandon explores Peter’s beautiful flop.

Dealing With Doubts

John the Baptist wondered if Jesus was the one he had been waiting and preparing the way for. John had a moment of doubt like everyone does in their lives. Jesus says look at what I am doing. Andy explores the end of John’s earthly life.

The Beauty of Being Present

Jesus not only cured diseases and healed bodies; he also restored broken lives. He addressed wounds of the body and the gaping wounds of the human heart. Jesus still heals today. Brandon explores the stories of Jesus the healer.

Make a Decision

The narrow path or the wide path? The good tree or the bad tree? We can’t follow Jesus with half-measures. Don explores what it means to fully follow Jesus in our lives today.

Stealth Spirituality

We have a fundamental human need to be noticed, blessed and affirmed. Matthew lays out a quiet, unnoticed, unspectacular little ways to follow the Father and fulfill our valid human need to be noticed. Brandon explores Jesus’ take on stealth spirituality.

Upside Down, Upside Right

The Beatitudes seem like great pie-in-the-sky notions that simply cannot work in the world we live. They are upside down. But, what if Jesus is telling us we are the ones who are upside down? Dan explores Matthew 5.

Justify It or Confess It

John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus by challenging everyone, even Israelites who are descendants of Abraham, to repent. Repentance means we stop playing games and come home to God & our true selves. Don explores what it means for us today.