Legacy Church

Hosea, prophet of love

Hosea responds to God’s call to marry an unfaithful women and pursue her when she runs away. Dan explores how we find our place in this incredible story of mistakes, hope and God’s relentless pursuit of each one of us.

At the Movies: Cars 3

Lightning McQueen’s life changed in an instant and he entered an unsettled phase of life. Where do we find our hope, where do we place our anchor when things spin wildly out of control? Brandon explores the ancient Biblical truth in a film about talking cars.

At the Movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Peter ‘Star Lord’ Quill wants meaning and purpose for his life. Will he find it when meeting his father for the very first time? Or has it been around him his whole life? Brandon explores ancient Biblical truth in Peter’s search.

The Greatest Showman

PT Barnum loses his job and takes the opportunity to follow his dream that grows exceptionally. Even though it all falls apart, Barnum finds his way back again. Brandon explores the ancient Biblical steps to recover when everything comes apart.


Augie begins public school for the first time in 5th grade and everyone, including his parents and sister, are worried: will kids be kind? Don explores this family drama for the intersection with Biblical faith.

Even When: God’s Never-Ending Love

God loves us and God’s grace carries us from this life to the next. That is God’s never-ending, glorifying grace that enables us to live and die well. John Wesley taught the early Methodists to live lives so they could die “good deaths.” Brandon explores the two keys to live well today to die well then.

Even More: God’s Character-Shaping Love

God wants to grow us up into the likeness of Jesus. This is God’s character-shaping, sanctifying grace. God’s grace not only provides a way to get to heave someday; it starts a lifelong adventure of letting God love us so that God can move more of heaven into our hearts now. Brandon explores sanctifying grace.

Even Now: God’s Soul-Saving Love

The Bible is often described as a dynamic love story. If this season of grace were to be compared to a couple’s relationship, God’s soul-saving, justifying, “even now” grace is what makes us able to respond to God’s proposal for a relationship God has been pursuing since we were even aware of it. Brandon explores justifying grace.

Even There: God’s All-Reaching Love

Our lives, our very breath, is a gift of God’s grace. God created the heavens and the earth, and God lovingly placed each of us in the midst of it all. No matter where go or what we do, God’s grace is there. Brandon explores God’s all-reaching, prevenient grace.

The Days are Long but the Years are Short

We blink and 10 years have gone by. How will you measure the impact of your life? In so many stories, God doesn’t act until the fourth quarter of life. How’s God calling you to move in this season? Kermit explores how we can best prepare for the final quarter of our life.