Legacy Church

An Age of High Anxiety

Fear is a complex emotion. Sometimes it saves us. More often it robs us of the life we want. Brandon explores the twelve spies of Israel and why two of them chose the path of hope and courage instead of fear. The story teaches us how to live lives unafraid.

Rejoice with Me

The 72, experiencing wolves, bears and crushing pressure, having to leave towns that didn’t want them, return to Jesus incredibly joyful. Yes, they ran into hardship but also saw lives completely transformed and changed. Don explores the joy of living as one of the 72 today.

Word & Deed

Jesus sends the 72 out into the world with a two-pronged purpose: to heal the sick and to preach the Kingdom, to act the message and to speak it. Brandon explores how we go out into the world with the same two-pronged purpose yet today.


Jesus trained the 72 to build spiritual friendships, to make an impact through food and hospitality. Brandon explores how incredibly simple acts of love and of sharing the table together can change a person’s eternal destiny and present life.

Wolves, Bears & Crushing Pressure

Jesus trained the 72 to deal with people and towns that were not open to the message ‘the Kingdom of God is near.’ Brandon explores how we deal with the challenges of living and sharing our faith in the 21st century.

Faith Comes First

The 72 are not celebrities and they don’t have any names listed in Scripture. Yet they go out because Jesus sent them and lives are forever transformed. Don explores the 72 and the first step to make an impact like them.

Nahum, prophet of focus

We can worry about so many things beyond our control that we lose our focus on God. Nahum reminded God’s people that they needed to focus on God again and those worries would be put in proper perspective. Chelsey takes us into the life of Nahum.

Obadiah, prophet of the future

Obadiah’s homeland is destroyed and their neighbors, the country of Edom, do not come to their aid. Obadiah prophesies their doom but also looks ahead to the day God conquers evil forever. Brandon enters the life of Obadiah to find how our first thoughts become our best thoughts.

Amos, prophet of honesty

Amos was a regular guy, in the livestock and feed business, during a booming economy 2,700 years ago in Judah. The rich succumbed to the sin of greed and Amos was sent by God to speak the truth. Andrew DeVaney, of AsOne Ministries, shares the message.

Joel, prophet after catastrophe

Where is God when and after disaster strikes? A locust swarms destroys everything in Israel and they rightly wondered when healing would come. Don explores Joel’s call and reminder that we serve the God of restoration.