Legacy Church

All the Right Choices, All the Wrong Results

Joseph finds himself a slave in Potiphar’s home. Instead of lamenting his situation, he leans into the Lord, Potiphar recognizes his talents and promotes Joseph appropriately. Brandon explores Joseph’s decision to make the holy choice regardless of the outcome.

No Family is Perfect

Scrolling through our social media feeds with perfect pictures, we can start to believe the lie other families are perfect and ours are not. The truth is that no family is perfect. Brandon explores the life of Joseph and the reality that Jesus can break us free from any unhealthy patterns in our lives and in our families.r

Avoiding Autopilot

It is so easy to coast and to not invest anything in our key relationships, letting them stagnate and eventually disintegrate altogether. Brandon explores some advice from the book of Romans on how we can invest in our relationships that matter most to us.

The Talk

It is awkward for parents and teenagers when it is time to talk about romantic relationships. But if parents skip it, the vacuum will be filled by someone else. Brandon explores how we can guide our children through a 15-year conversation on God-honoring relationships.

Keys to Death Do Us Part

At some point, most of us want to get married. What does it take to stay together through the long haul? Don explores the Scripture to find God’s guidance for death do us part.

Learning How to Love

Modern dating has changed drastically in past 10 years, so much so that traditional Christian teaching on romantic relationships seems prudish and old-fashioned. Yet God is not a cosmic killjoy but wants to protect us. Brandon explores how we learn to love in 2019.

What If

God came to earth and that changes everything! What if we remembered and live that reality, not just during Christmas but all-year long? Andy explores what God can do through us when we live Emmanuel, God with us, every day.

Love All

This baby, God with us, changes everything! Christmas changed the world the first time and still can today if we choose to love all. Brandon shares very practical ways we do that as individuals and as the church.

Give More

Just as God gave us a costly and relational gift in Jesus, we should give the gift of time and presence to each other. Don explores how we can give more of our hands and our heart.

Spend Less

Our spending has power and we bring light as we consider where and how we use it. Brandon explores the dark in the Christmas story and how Jesus pushes back the darkness in the world and in our own lives.